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Order Here we can mail you 60 Baby bags - one ounce each

Yes, our family eats Chamorro Chip Cookies every day!

Have you had our Chewy Chamorro Chip Cookies? They are at Cost-u-less  on Guam and at our new Chamorro Chip Café. They are mouthwatering delicious.

You can order our famous wedding favors also known as Auntie Nalani's Cookies or we can ship you a six pack by clicking the Buy Now Button on this page


What else do you want to know, send us a question....ah, no silly we will not tell you the secret recipe!

We make awesome cookies. Simple ingredients. Real people, sweet crispy yumminess.

 Chamorro Chip Cafe is open next to Applebees in Tamuning! 922-2447

Chamorro Chip Cookies

Obviously YOU are the cookie experts! THANK YOU for reaching for our cookies over and over again! We have been making our family recipe of our delicious Chamorro Chip Cookies for over 30 years! You have filled your cookie jars with our cookies. You have brought them to fiestas, and sent them to your kids when they have gone to college away from home. They are the most requested snack on the flights to and from Guam...and they have been inside of hundreds of care packages sent to our beloved military stationed away from home. Our cookies really are a little bit of Guam...Thank you for supporting a LOCAL business!

Do you need Chamorro Chip Cookies?

Are you on Guam...

they can also be found at Payless, ABC stores, JP Superstore, Kmart and DFS.

On Oahu?

​Find them at Red Pineapple!

Somewhere else?

Order Here we can mail you a 6pack


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